Sierra Shanti Studio

Kundalini Yoga - ONLINE
with Jenn Whitney

Sorry - that class has been canceled!

July 28 (Wednesday)
at 5:30 pm

Class length
75 minutes

Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology that offers simple application based solutions for the pressures of modern times. It is a science that uses mantra, mudra, movement, and prana to clear subconscious programming and develop the neutral mind and its capacity for intelligence, integrity, and creativity. Developing this level of awareness, clarity, and grit in the individual raises the collective vibration, so that we may rise above challenges and steer in the direction of compassion, connection, and grace. Yoga is the union of the individual’s consciousness with the infinite consciousness. It is a physical and energetic journey into knowing and loving the self and connecting to the flow of universal love. It is a technology that when applied with commitment and accuracy gives you the power to change your own destiny, and therefore heal and inspire others.

**ONLINE - Once you pre-register online you will receive an email with a Zoom link. You will receive another 20 minutes before class begins. Must have an active pass to pre-register for class. 

Please register a minimum of 30 minutes before your online class.

Come join Jenn in this new weekly offering!

Jennifer Whitney (Soorya Jiwan Kaur) is a photojournalist, interior designer, healer, and entrepreneur. She has studied kundalini yoga under the tutelage of first generation masters Harijiwan and Tej in Los Angeles since 2015, making pilgrimages to India, Europe, and wild America to meditate in sacred spaces. She has studied Native American land honoring ceremonial traditions under sound healer Jodi Roberts in TX and spiritual activist Sarah Maclean Bicknell in WA since 2013. She is also a certified Fletcher Pilates teacher and a graduate of the Optimum Health Institute plant based nutrition and wellness program. She offers both private sessions and group classes for all levels that combine movement, meditation, and ancient sound technology to balance the glandular system and connect with the infinite flow.

IKYTA & Ra Ma Institute for Applied Yogic Science certified level 1 & 2 kundalini yoga teacher