Sierra Shanti Studio

Full Moon Ecstatic Dance Party & Gong Bath - IN STUDIO
with Jenn Whitney

July 23 (Friday)
at 7:00 pm

Class length
90 minutes

Class levels
All Levels

⭐️ Free // Donations are welcomed. No preregistration required (though we love to know people are coming) you can totally just drop in! 

7PM Gong bath led by Jenn Whitney @jennwhitney

Stretch, breathe, and bathe in the universal sound of the gong. Experience the vibration of healing frequencies that elevate and expand our perception under the energy of the full moon. 🌕  Synchronize your body, mind, and spirit with the rhythmic harmony of infinity. 

7:30 PM Move into an ecstatic dance experience with Lauren Robinson @ledbylovelauren

Note: You can drop in to dance ANYTIME.

Andddd if you’re the type that would like a little help in loosening up the body, come right in at 7:30 PM as Lauren guides us off the ground and into movement.

After 8PM nothing is guided and it’s a full on DANCE PARTY!!! 💃🏼

Our intention is to create a safe space for freedom of expression through movement.

Dance is so deeply healing, allowing us to release and move energy 🔥

We are excited to be able to gather in community again and invite you to meet like minded friends at our full moon party!

No judgments, or expectations, open to all.♾

***Option to dress up!!! Want to wear cat ears? sparkley things? Your favorite Hawaiian shirt? Whatever your heart desires. Let’s get weird, together.***



Sorry - that class has already taken place!