Sierra Shanti Studio

Unleash Your Inner Sculptor: Yoga Sculpt & Sweat!
with Lauren Robinson (sub for Romina)

Sorry - that class has been cancelled!

April 10 (Wednesday)
at 5:30 pm

Class length
90 minutes

In Studio

Unleash Your Inner Sculptor: Yoga Sculpt & Sweat!
Crave a workout that sculpts, invigorates, and unlocks your inner athlete? Look no further than Yoga Sculpt! This potent blend of flowing vinyasa and strength training will torch calories, tone your muscles, and leave you feeling empowered and energized.


> Powerful Vinyasa Flow: Synchronize movement and breath as you seamlessly transition between classic yoga postures,building heat and igniting your core.
> Strength Sculpting: Light weights or bodyweight resistance add an extra layer of challenge, refining your muscles and boosting metabolism.
> Cardio Bursts: Get your heart racing with strategic bursts of activity to maximize calorie burn and keep your energy high.
> Mindful Flow: Focus on alignment and breath as you move with intention, finding both strength and serenity in every pose.

This class is perfect for:

> Yogis seeking a more intense, fitness-focused practice.
> Anyone looking to build lean muscle and boost metabolism.
> Athletes craving a cross-training challenge.
> Beginners with some basic yoga experience ready to push their limits.

 Leave class feeling:

>Sculpted and empowered, with leaner,stronger muscles.
>Energized and invigorated, ready to tackle anything.
>De-stressed and focused, with a renewed sense of inner peace.
>Ready to sculpt your perfect practice? Join us in Yoga Sculpt!

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In-Studio Class:

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Online Zoom Class:

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·  All registrants will receive a copy of the class recording, valid for 7 days, regardless of if you are able to attend real-time. This means you can practice on your own time!